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AR/BR Pressure regulator for air AR2000
AR/BR Pressure regulator for air » AR2000

AR/BR Pressure regulator for air

Series AR/BR
Pressure regulator for air,
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AR/BR Pressure regulator for air Details

  AC,BC Series FRL is the same as AIRTAC type. Filter adopts novel vane design with high division efficiency and differential pressure discharge device. It can discharge water automatically.

Regulator valve adopts balanced inlet structure with the advantages of stable pressure, high precision, and quick reaction.
Lubricator is an element which can provide good lubrication for pneumatic system, with novel structure and easy adjustment of oil drip.

A, B series air treatment, widely used in pneumatic air system. 
* 3 units air combination (F+R+L):AC, BC series 
* 2 units air combination (F.R+L):AFC, BFC series 
* Air filter / regulator (F.R):AFR,BFR series 
* Air filter:AF series 
* Air regulator:AR series 
* Air lubricator:AL series


System  Model  Port size
F.R.L.  AC2000  G1/4
 BC2000  G1/4
 BC3000  G3/8
 BC4000  G1/2
F/R.L  AFC2000  G1/4
 BFC2000  G1/4
 BFC3000  G3/8
 BFC4000  G1/2
F/R  AFR2000  G1/4
 BFR2000  G1/4
 BFR3000  G3/8
 BFR4000  G1/2
 F AF2000  G1/4
BF2000  G1/4
BF3000  G3/8
BF4000  G1/2
R AR2000  G1/4
BR2000  G1/4
BR3000  G3/8
BR4000  G1/2
L AL2000  G1/4
BL2000  G1/4
BL3000  G3/8
BL4000  G1/2
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