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VF3000,VF5000,VZ5000 Series Solenoid valves VF3130,VF5120
VF3000,VF5000,VZ5000 Series Solenoid valves » VF3130,VF5120

VF3000,VF5000,VZ5000 Series Solenoid valves

Series VF3000,VF5000,VZ5000
Air solenoid valves,
5/2-way and 5/3-way,
VF3130,VF3230(0.89 Cv) ; VF3330,VF3430,VF3530(0.67 Cv)
VF5120,VF5220(1.40 Cv) ; VF5320,VF5420,VF5520(1.00 Cv)
VZ5120,VZ5220(0.67 Cv) ; VZ5320,VZ5420,VZ5520(0.50 Cv)


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VF3000,VF5000,VZ5000 Series Solenoid valves Details

 5 Port Solenoid Valve (VF3000, 5000 Series) 

* VF3000, VF5000 series solenoid valve, equivalent to SMC. 
* Internally piloted action, 5 port 2 position or 5 port 3 position. 
* Grommet or DIN electrical connector. 
* Voltage: 220V/AC, 110V/AC, 24V/DC, 12V/DC, special voltage is available. 
* Port size: 1/4", 3/8".

 Series  VF3000  VF5000
 Fluid   Air
 Operating pressure range
2 position single/3 position   0.15~0.9Mpa
2 position double   0.1~0.9Mpa
 Ambient and fluid temperature   -10~50ºC(No freezing)
 Response time
2 position single/double   20 ms or less (at pressure of 0.5Mpa)
3 position   40 ms or less(at the pressure of 0.5Mpa)
 Max.operating frequency
2 position single/double  10Hz  5Hz
3 position  3Hz  3Hz
 Lubrication   Not required
 Manual override   Non-locking push,Locking slotted type
 Mounting orientation   Unrestricted
 Shock/Vibration resistance   300/50(m/s²)
 Enclosure   Dustproof
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